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Helping Hands Hudson Falls - Food Boxes


We provide small food boxes, typically containing canned and boxed food.

Family clothing in Hudson Falls, NY


If you're looking for clothing for yourself or your family we have a wide variety of styles and colors for infants, toddlers, children, men and women.

Small appliances for families in need in Hudson Falls, NY

Small Appliances

From coffee makers to blenders and other small kitchen appliances we typically have many in stock.


Helping Our Community by Helping Others

Through your generous donations and our work we partner to help members of our community, letting them know they are not alone. All items are offered at very low prices to help individuals and families that are going through tough times.

  • Clothing for children and adults
  • Small appliances
  • Pre-packaged food including canned goods and bottled water

  Donate Goods & Food

Helping families in Hudson Falls, NY

Cash Donations Are Appreciated

Since we charge a minimal amount for any items that leave our shop, and only to cover our most basic of expenses, we rely heavily on monetary donations. We have a donation drop box located at the end of our counter and we have a PayPal account as well. We also take checks that can be made out to Upstate New York's Helping Hands and mailed to our location at 49 John Street Hudson Falls NY 12839. We also take cans and bottles as well to help with our expenses.

Here To Help

  • Kid's Clothing

  • Toys & Books

  • Adult Clothing

  • Small Appliances

  • Food

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