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About Helping Hands

Hello and welcome to upstate New York's helping hands. This group was founded in November of 2017 by Joshua Warner and his family and close friends.  In the beginning this was a way to help a few families in need and together we have one of the biggest not for profit organization in the upstate New York area.

We have helped hundreds of families with food, clothes and furniture. We take in all donations, review them for suitability and offer these items back to families in need within our community for very low prices.

We started in Josh's garage and now have a shop located at:

Upstate New York's Helping Hands
49 John Street
Hudson Falls New York 12839.

Your Donations Matter

Items for sale at very low prices. While we do sell our items at very low prices in order to meet the most basic of expenses, our main goal is to help everyone in need. Our future goals are to be able to house and transport families in need and also offer a safe house for single moms that are victims of abuse. We primarily survive from monetary donations. We also take cans and bottles to help with our expenses. We want to thank everyone who has helped and continues to help us. We're All In This Together. 

  Donate Goods & Food

Hudson Falls family clothing

Our Mission

To help everyone we can and make our community a better place with our reach our store. This is in hopes to help local families get by with a little help from us as they need it. Watching people smile is the best..

The spirit of giving in Hudson Falls, NY

Our Values

We value straight 100% honesty and and loyalty to our community friends and family we value each and every person on this Earth and feel everyone should be treated equal and welcomed into our store with open arms. 

A community helping each other - Hudson Falls, New York

Our Solution

To better our community and help everyone we can. We help everyone. We feel that with us being here as a reach out store for familys in need we take alot of burden off of our local social services program. 


Here To Help

  • Kid's Clothing

  • Toys & Books

  • Adult Clothing

  • Small Appliances

  • Food

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